Saturday, January 16, 2010

How big are Black squirrels?

I have just read about Black squirrels. And wondered how big are they? I don't think my state has any, unfortunately.How big are Black squirrels?
The black is a gene carried by the ';red'; or ';fox'; squirrel family. just like the blonde ones. they are the same kind and will intermate with other fox squirrels of any color phase. I believe this gene is heriditary. I tend to see them frqeuntly in some areas I hunt and rarely in other.

But the basic answer is they are the same size as fox squirrels.How big are Black squirrels?
they are the size of a gray squirrel...a black squirrel is just a color mutated gray squirrel...
There are a lot of them in nyc. I would say they are a little smaller than the average brown squirrel, well thinner at least. But they are cute =)

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